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Workout by CHECK THIS OUT! 1.0

Workout by CHECK THIS OUT! 1.0

Workout by CHECK THIS OUT! Publisher's Description

WorkoutByTallEric is a new and simple workout application for you Palm. It is designed for people who already have a regular workout routine or are developing a routine and are just looking to keep track of their progress for that week and remind them what exercises they still have to do on Chest day, etc. It''s extremely customizable to fit you''re unique workout, but also extremely simple to use to use and ultimately helpful in keeping you up to date on which of your workouts you''ve completed this week and which you should do next. Add some music to your palm and, with this software, you''ll have a great digital workout companion.

WorkoutByTallEric doesn''t contain nutritional information, logs, or other extra features that just get in the way. You have the power to set up your own completely personalized workouts just the way you like them. From weight lifting, to cardio, to Pilates, Kung-Fu, Sprinting, Mountain-Biking, underwater basket weaving, boxing, swimming laps... whatever you do for your workout... WorkoutByTallEric will allow you to easily create a routine for it. Then you can call on it any time you''re ready to work out. You can check off each exercise as you perform it and it will let you know what percentage of the workout you''ve completed. It will tell you when you last completed the workout, so you can know what you need to do next, but it doesn''t keep logs beyond that.

A common use for this app is as follows... Set up a Chest and Triceps workout, a Back/Shoulders workout, a Biceps and Abs workout, Legs workout, and a cardio workout. The main Workout List screen will show you your list of workouts and when you last completed them, or what percent complete they are if you had to cut it short last time. From this screen you can jump to your workout and check off each exercise as you complete it. If it''s Chest day, just jump to the chest workout and begin. You can also modify the workout quickly on the fly. If you see someone doing a cool new exercise and you want to throw it in your routine from then on, just add it to application in seconds while you''re standing in the gym or add your house without loosing your pace. You can add hundreds of Exercises, Equipment, and Body Parts to utilize in your workout. In addition to these simple to use standard features, WorkOutByTallEric comes with Units and Unit Type fields. These let you identify atypical workout factors. You can use the Unit fields to identify whether the activity you''ll be performing is measured in lbs, kgs, meters, yards, seconds, minutes, hours, laps, units, etc. This gives you the ability to add your 90 minute Karate, boxing, belly dancing, spin-class, etc., into the cardio section of your workout app!

  • Designed to help you keep track of what you''re doing on each of your workout days. Can''t squeeze in the full Chest workout today? Check your routines in WorkoutByTallEric... maybe you can do your biceps and Abs instead?
  • Easy to create new workouts or modify existing workouts on the fly so you don''t loose your rhythm at the gym.
  • Easy to read workout list.
  • Workout list shows when the workout was last completed and what percent complete the workout is currently, if you had to cut it short last time.
  • Checklist lets you mark of each set or routine as you complete, always notifying you of what percent complete you are with the overall workout.
  • No unnecessary nutritional information or long history logs.
  • Completely customizable Exercises, Equipment, and Body Parts lists.
  • Units and Unit Type fields to handle atypical workout factors other than 1 set of 10 reps of 135 lbs. You can use the Unit fields to identify things like kgs, meters, yards, seconds, minutes, hours, laps, units, etc. This gives you the ability to add your 2 mile jog or 30 minutes of Mountain Biking, swimming, basketball, etc. to your workout app!
  • If you have a question or request for a new feature or improvement, I''ll respond ASAP. I''m Eric, the developer. I use my Treo 650 to update my personal Blog almost daily which you can check out to learn almost everything about me, maybe even what I’m doing right now! Find that and more here at I''m here to help and I''ll share whatever I can with you. Enjoy the application and thanks for checking it out! Have an awesome day!

Eric -

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